Mari Davis Mari (with whichever on - air last name you may know her by!) died of metastasized breast cancer on July 20th, 2016. She was diagnosed (at Stage 4) in January of 2010. From the depths of her heart, she thanks the many wonderful, generous, funny, and loving people she was lucky to cross paths with. She wishes them much (much!) joy - and the appreciation of those joyful moments - during the rest of their life. She also encourages legislators to pass assisted suicide bills, as years of suffering, well, sucks. If you'd like to speak with Mari's husband, Jonathan Wiesel can be reached at Thanks!


You name it, I’ve written for it.

Television? Yep. Radio? Yep. Web sites, newspapers, magazines, and books? Yep, yep, yep, and yep.

Honestly, I’ve covered just about any subject there is — in writing thousands of news and feature stories, in creating documentaries, and in talking about a huge range of topics in my 15 years on the air.

And the people I meet! That’s the absolute best… people who — for a few minutes or a few hours or a few days — let you into their worlds and trust you with their stories.

I’ve done other writing, too — all kinds of stuff. Scripts… magazine and newspaper articles… back cover copy and forewords for books… web sites, promotional videos, podcasts, catalogs, news releases, newsletters, ads, brochures… and more things than I can even remember.

I’ve created speeches and full-day workshops. I even ghostwrote a nationally syndicated column for a couple of years — on cars, of all things. (I am so not a car person.)

It’s all about storytelling and sharing information… just with different approaches, different voices, and different demographics in mind.


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