Cool, inspiring people: Valarie Allman

I tracked down the 13-year-old who made my day – the girl who I met at a hair salon, who’d been growing her hair for three and a half years in order to donate it. (See previous post for details.)

Valarie AllmanHer name’s Valarie Allman… she’s an eighth-grader who lives in Longmont, Colorado… and, for the record, she’s 14 now (just had a birthday).

In interviewing her to get information for a magazine article, I found that she’s thoughtful, delightful, and unquestionably inspirational. Here’s about seven minutes of our conversation.

Valarie Allman interview (runs 7:29)

[When you click on the link, a new window will open and the audio will start playing automatically. Depending on your connection speed, that could take anywhere from a few to several – seemingly mind-numbingly long – seconds.]