Mari Davis Mari (with whichever on - air last name you may know her by!) died of metastasized breast cancer on July 20th, 2016. She was diagnosed (at Stage 4) in January of 2010. From the depths of her heart, she thanks the many wonderful, generous, funny, and loving people she was lucky to cross paths with. She wishes them much (much!) joy - and the appreciation of those joyful moments - during the rest of their life. She also encourages legislators to pass assisted suicide bills, as years of suffering, well, sucks. If you'd like to speak with Mari's husband, Jonathan Wiesel can be reached at Thanks!


Just the facts, ma'am.

Here's a rundown of positions I've held and accomplishments I've had. (You know: the dreaded bio, where I could sound a wee bit full of myself.)

My media industry accomplishments include:

  • writing more than 15,000 news and feature stories and documentaries.
  • significantly improving ratings at every radio and TV station I worked at.
  • producing promotional videos, documentaries, commercials, TV and radio news programs, and online audio and video.
  • creating a series of podcasts that was among the top-rated in its category on iTunes.
  • winning national, regional, and local awards for journalism, for producing election coverage, and for best radio personality and most-liked TV anchor.

Media jobs I’ve had include:

  • television news anchor and reporter (large and medium markets)
  • morning radio personality (large and medium markets)
  • national cable TV host (channel penetration: 29 million)
  • radio news director (large and medium markets)
  • freelance writer (magazine, newspaper)
  • freelance producer (Starz & Encore movie channels)

And here’s my business world (non-media industry) experience:

  • Jobs I’ve held: head of publicity and promotions for a book publishing company… marketing manager and VP of service quality development for a $105-million regional financial institution… communications director for an international non-profit organization… marketing specialist and web site developer
  • Accomplishments include: dramatically increasing revenue, product usage, media hits, and web site traffic (see

Oh, and I’ve been a professional actress — on stage, in industrial films and commercials, and in highly acclaimed improv comedy troupes.

I know, I know… it sounds like I must be 109 years old to have done all of this, but I'm not. I'm 104.


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