Mari Davis Mari (with whichever on - air last name you may know her by!) died of metastasized breast cancer on July 20th, 2016. She was diagnosed (at Stage 4) in January of 2010. From the depths of her heart, she thanks the many wonderful, generous, funny, and loving people she was lucky to cross paths with. She wishes them much (much!) joy - and the appreciation of those joyful moments - during the rest of their life. She also encourages legislators to pass assisted suicide bills, as years of suffering, well, sucks. If you'd like to speak with Mari's husband, Jonathan Wiesel can be reached at Thanks!


Creating something out of nothing.

That’s what’s so great about producing. You go from a need (for more viewers, listeners, web site visitors, customers)… to an idea (I’m never short on lucrative ideas!)… to something tangible (a video, a program, online content, whatever).

It’s perfect for me because it’s creative and conceptual, but it’s also organizational and detail-oriented. And it involves people - and results.

But maybe you don’t want to know why I think it’s fun. Maybe you want to know what I’ve done.

On the news side: TV and radio news programs and documentaries. On the commercial side: promotional videos, commercials (and commercial content), and podcasts.

On the somewhere in-between side: I wrote and produced video segments for two premium movie channels — pieces about a person or subject that were shown between movies. (They’re called interstitials, if you want to get all lingo-y about it.) I’ve created video and audio content for web sites. And more.

Having also been a writer, host, marketing specialist and general businesshead, I have an unusually broad view of all the angles. (The producer/writer/host/marketing/businesshead view!)


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