Mari Davis Mari (with whichever on - air last name you may know her by!) died of metastasized breast cancer on July 20th, 2016. She was diagnosed (at Stage 4) in January of 2010. From the depths of her heart, she thanks the many wonderful, generous, funny, and loving people she was lucky to cross paths with. She wishes them much (much!) joy - and the appreciation of those joyful moments - during the rest of their life. She also encourages legislators to pass assisted suicide bills, as years of suffering, well, sucks. If you'd like to speak with Mari's husband, Jonathan Wiesel can be reached at Thanks!


I love different.

Different people, different situations, different challenges… the sometimes unbelievable scope of experiences is one of the things I love about what
I do.

I've interviewed everyone from big-name celebrities to everyday people with stories to tell — on video, audio, and for print… live and recorded… in a studio and in all kinds of locations.

I've hosted programming as wide-ranging as parade coverage (look at the cartoon characters dance around the float!) to election coverage (look at the candidates dance around the question!).

There are the years of filling hours of airtime as a morning radio personality (on very little sleep, mind you)… being a television news anchor and reporter… hosting a national cable TV show…and doing everything from talk shows to telethons, and from political debates to podcasts.

My focus is to make the interview or program interesting for the listener or viewer or reader, which — is this a weird thing to say about myself? — is easy for me to do. I have years of experience knowing what audiences want… and it helps that I’m always interested, too!


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